Interview with the designer

Jan Demirian

Jan Demirian – The Designer

Tell us a little about yourself and why did you decide to become a freelance artist?
My name is Jan Demirian, I am 26 years old and live & work in Stockholm, Sweden.

My interest for art and drawing has always been there, but my journey as a designer started soon after graduating as a computer/ electronic engineer in 2005. However soon I realized that this was not something I would like to spend the rest of my life working with.

So this lead me to realizing what I really loved doing in life which was art, and all kinds of design and crafts work. Soon I got introduced to 3D design and concept art, which really made my eyes glow. So I decided to jump into the world of CGI, I studied 3D design & concept art at Digital Graphics in Stockholm. I graduated in 2008 and been working in this area ever since. And I love it!

What makes you different from other artist / designers?
I have no limits. By this I mean, I am looking into, learning and constantly getting inspired from all aspects of design and art. CGI and 3D design is only a fractal of what I am capable of doing. Most CGI artists decide to focus on one or two areas in the CGI world because this is what the major companies are looking for.

Jan at work

Jan at work

Almost like a machine,” You should be pro on what you do and that’s it, we don’t need anything more from you.” I’m not saying that this is wrong. But I believe this is something that really stops an artist from evolving and growing in the design world;

I am an artist, not a machine. I believe one can be professional in as many areas as one wishes to, as long as you have an eye for creation and art. Whatever you do will become a masterpiece.

So this is why I decided to become a freelance artist, so I can express myself freely and share it with my clients and the world.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
As I mentioned earlier, I get my inspiration from everywhere, there really is no limits on what this world can inspire me to create or design. I always have my sketchbook or Ipad with me where ever I go, because I really don’t know when a new Idea pop-up’s up in my head. But if I really have to be more specific, I would say, when I am out in nature, after watching a movie… while I’m on my way to a client… The inspiration comes from everywhere. Even other artist inspires me to try out new things.

Why have you decided to focus on a range of different apartments instead of one?
A designer is an artist. Artists should not be afraid of expressing themselves in new or different ways. I love photographing; I love digital art and love expressing myself in as many ways as I can. I am not afraid of trying new areas of creativity, because this can give me inspiration to another project I’m currently working with.  My clients love and my friends love my creations, but most importantly I love what I do.

Favorite equipment

Favorite equipment

What would you recommend other freelance artists to do to improve their profession?
Have no limits! I cannot stress enough about how important this is, because by trying out new things you will keep on improving and your creativity will keep on growing. Even if you are working on a specific area in the CGI world, don’t be afraid of trying out new ways of expressing your creativity, because it can improve what you do.


Jan Vahan Demirian
March 1987
Current Location:
Stockholm , Sweden
Languages spoken:
English, Swedish, Armenian, Turkish, Kurdish

Application skillset

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Ipad / Wacom tablet
Pen & Papper

Video Editing
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects

Autodesk Maya
Autodesk After Burner
Autodesk 3D Studio Max
Zbrush 4.2
Vue 6